ETS Health and Safety Limited

Ease The Strain….Avoid The Pain

Providing Practical, Workable Health and Safety and Fire Safety Solutions

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients protect their people, their business, their clients and their reputations by allowing them to manage workplace risk in a proactive, practical, realistic and cost-effective manner. ETS will provide advice that is trustworthy and usable.  

Our goal

Our goal is to ease the strain on businesses when making sense of health and safety, fire safety and disability legislation.  ETS will keep things simple and manageable so as to allow clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

About ETS

Our aim is to take a common sense approach and to provide outputs to clients which are free of jargon and complicated risk management solutions. Advice is provided in a practical, easy to understand and effective manner.

ETS Consultants are members of and affiliated to the most well recognised professional bodies, all Consultants are members of IOSH.